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Hello world!

Susan Grace, owner of EncorENTERTAINMENT

Hi! Welcome to EncorENTERTAINMENT!

Here’s a little bit of history about me and my company. I started EncorENTERTAINMENT in 1986 with a business loan of $500 to place a small ad in the Yellow Pages. My roster of performers was a rolodex with names of my favorite performers – mostly family (my Dad was a fine pianist and sang the old “standards” Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett –  and both my brothers, Peter & Newby Grace are musicians. I also had in the rolodex my favorite regional musicians & bands – Bobby Greene, John Harrison and Armsted Christian. In 1998 my husband, Rich Taber joined the company and was instrumental in encouraging me to expand the entertainment services and become involved in complete event planning and public relations. In over 25 years my roster of performers has grown to  …… well, the sky’s the limit! And the company has expanded to include EncorEVENTS – event planning, promotion and public relations!

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