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February 1

Marla’s Reptile Show brings the wild things to you!
Reptiles are one of the most misunderstood  groups in the animal kingdom. They are the subject of numerous fantastic tales and myths. Marla’s program brings reptiles up close and personal and dispels these fables! Live amphibians, snakes, lizards, turtles, tortoises and crocodilians and some venomous species and amphibians waiting to meet you! Free. For children ages kindergarten and up. 7pm. Mattapoisett YMCA, 38 Reservation Road, Mattapoisett MA 508-758-4203, email

For more info about Marla’s Reptiles:

February 2
Take Your Child to the Library Day an annual event created by Connecticut children’s librarians Nadine Lipman and Caitlin Augusta, has now become a nationwide campaign dedicated to bringing more children into their local libraries.  Joseph H. Plumb Memorial Library in Rochester MA is offering lots of fun programs!

Schedule of events: 10am-2pm:
10:00 – 11 – Library Scavenger Hunt-all who participate are entered into a raffle! Stories read by storytime graduates!
11 am – 11:45  Newby’s Music Show!
NewbyFun for all ages!
Newby’s interactive singalong & fun musical performance includes songs the whole family can enjoy and “perform” – becoming the “stars of the show.” Newby plays keyboard and sings familiar songs for everyone to clap their hands, stomp their feet and sing along ! Easy to play, fun musical instruments like kazoos, triangles and bells are handed out and give kids a chance to be part of the show. Newby brings super fun to every  kind of party! For more info about Newby’s Music show:
12:00 – 12:30 – Storytime Sampler with special guest reader, Plumbalina the library dancing fairy – stories, nursery rhymes, and movement activities
12:30 – 1:30 Duct Tape Workshop – conducted by the Jr. Friends (and friends) youth group.
Joseph H. Plumb Memorial Library, 17 Constitution Way Rochester MA. 508-763-8600

Mattapoisett Public Library is also offering special fun programs on February 2 Take Your Child to the Library Day!7-ball-fr1-b-sm
Ever wanted to learn to juggle? Here’s your chance!
Criss Cross the Juggler will astound you with his juggling skills! And will teach you a few tricks of the trade. There’s lots of audience participation is his show! Criss Cross has been performing professionally since 1984 as a founding member of The Suspenders Juggling Troupe. He has performed on the East and West coast of the United States and both sides of the Atlantic. His family-oriented style draws crowds in, because his methods of audience participation are both heartwarming and humorous. For more info about Criss Cross contact EncorENTERTAINMENT 508-993-1999 Showtime 1pm. Mattapoisett Public Library, 7 Barstow St, Mattapoisett, MA 508- 758-4171

February 2
Fairhaven Village Militia Winter Camp
MilitiaThe Fairhaven Village Militia and the Fairhaven Office of Tourism present a historical winter encampment at the Academy Building on the west lawn of Fairhaven High School. Talk to period costumed men and women about life in the 1770s. See military drilling, flintlock musket and cannon firing demonstrations and camp cooking demonstrations and more. 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Academy Building lawn, 141 Main Street, Fairhaven. For more information,  508-979-4085 or email

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THE MAGIC OF STEPHENBrenner Family MagicStephen is a master at magic, illusion, hypnosis and balloon sculpture. Whether he is performing solely as a Magician in a Tuxedo or as his character D.C. the Clown, Stephen creates his unique shows with the audience in mind. Audience participation is a key part of all of his performances, as well as the use of live animals, including a piano playing pig.
Combination programs are available: for example -Magic, DJ, Gamemaster, Balloon Artist.

Stephen has been performing magic and balloon sculpting for over 20 years Through the years he has incorporated other entertainment into his shows: face painting, air brush tattooing, DJing and hypnosis.

Steve Balloons 1
“I was the quiet one in school,” Stephen reveals. “It wasn’t until high school that I got involved with plays. I took a speech class to force me out of my shyness. As a member of The Knights of Pythias, a mens charity organization, I volunteered to be an assistant to the magician. I was comic relief and when I would pull a string, my pants fell down! I got splashed with water and all that fun stuff. I went on my own after that and started performing when I was 28.”

Stephen is a former special needs teacher who has combined many of his talents to create a whole world of magic for the young of heart. His custom-created magic shows delight and astound audiences in and around New England. Some of his treasured moments have been his performances at Foxwoods Casino in Connecticut and a 25 hour magic show he produced to benefit the Muscular Dystrophy Association. Stephen received The Independent Spirit Award from WLVI-TV 56 for work he has done in hospitals. He also worked with David Copperfield’s Project Magic.

You won’t believe your eyes when you see the Magic Stephen performs at your party. All of Stephen’s shows are filled with exciting magic, comedy and fun filled audience participation. Members of the audience are center stage and help perform the magic. Animals appear and disappear. There is also a zoo of animals.
Stephen Makes your Birthday Party an event.
At most birthday parties as many children as possible are able to be volunteers (sometimes adults too). Along with his zoo of animals, everyone is laughing and gasping with amazement. The Birthday Child is always the first one up and the last one down. For bigger programs, Stephen has a state of the art sound system and a computer of thousands of songs to DJ at your party. He is also The Game Master. Stephen can keep everyone ecstatically happy for hours. Combine Magic, Balloon Sculptures and a DJ and you have a time to remember. Also available: Air Brush Tattoos, Face Painting, Costume Characters and Karaoke.
Magic is entertaining, educational, fun and interactive. Stephen combines high energy magic with lots of comedy. With the help of students and teachers he makes live animals appear and disappear. You won’t believe your eyes when Tweety the Bird, Snuggles the Hedgehog, visit your school.

While the animals are being pet, Stephen tells where the animals are from, what they eat, some of their habits and more. Many different animals are available depending on the specific program. Some shows are general and have animals from several different categories.  Some shows are school visits where a class may be studying a specific animal classification.  Stephen has a lot of volunteers come up to help out to be part of the show. Not all the tricks have animals. Sometimes, you don’t know what to expect and he has tricks up his sleeve!
Steve School pig  2DC the CLOWN
As DC the Clown, Stephen evokes laughs. A bright colorful costume lets everyone know there will be nothing but fun. Animals, Magic, Balloon Sculptures, Face Painting or Glitter Tattoos are Specialties of DC the Clown. Available for parties, parades, store openings or balloon deliveries.
DC the Clown performs magic with and without live animals. This multi-talented clown also twists balloons and paints faces. DC makes everyone laugh. This brightly colored character uses whatever is in his bag of tricks to make everyone laugh and laugh. From his funny voices to puppets to plate spinning. No one knows what will be next!
Live Animals from around the world are center stage: Bernice the Iguana, Rosie the Rose Hair Tarantula, Leon the Bearded Dragon, Charlotte the Chinchilla and many more. Audience members learn the creatures country of origin, eating habits, idiosyncrasies and the care of animals. All animals are available to be pet.
Meet and pet exotic reptiles – Bernice the Iguana and Leon the Beared Dragon to name a few. As well as animals and creatures from around the world – Rosie the Rose Hair Tarantulla and Charlote the Chinchilla. These very special exotic animals have been handled for many years and are quiet and docile. They love attention. See reptiles and other animals from around the world close up like you’ve never seen before. Recently added to the program: Fred the Leopard Gecko and The Traveling Hissing Cockroaches

Seniors are very special to Stephen. This show is specially designed as extremely hands on and interactive. Live animals appear. Members of the audience pet the animals. Stephen tells stories, usually true, as he twists balloons to go along with the stories. He make all types of colorful hats.

Sometimes he sings songs that are easily recognizable to the seniors. As Stephen sings with your group, he twists balloons like “Your A Grand Old Flag” and makes a red, white and blue braided hat. Everyone gets involved and everyone walks away or rolls away very happy.
senior-shows 1

Stephen has been teaching magic and balloon sculpting for 10 years through a therapeutic program he founded called The Magical Helping Hands Inc. This program allows individuals and groups who have special needs to be expressive and creative, while working toward some of their goals which include strengthening hand, improving eye-hand co-ordination and memory recall. This program makes it fun!

All of Stephen’s programs are fun-filled and full of surprises. He loves doing COMBINATION SHOWS that include Magic, DJ, Gamemaster, or Twist Balloon Art. You can be as creative as you like! Mix and match entertainment experiences!

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Jan 24-26, & 27
by Alan AyckbournWomen in Mind
The comic poet of middle class life, always so very funny, goes deeper and darker in this triumphant play about a housewife named Susan who is married to a boring cleric named George. After getting knocked out by stepping on the tooth end of a garden rake, Susan experiences hilarious hallucinations in which her oppressive and boring everyday life is replaced by a fantasy in which she is an ideal wife and mother with an ideal family. While her real family treats her with condescension and apathy, her fantasy family dresses in lovely white, always drinks champagne, lives in a stately home and tells her that she is wonderful. Eventually, the fantasy family becomes nightmarish and Susan begins to realize that she is going mad. Jan 24-26, 8 pm, Jan 27, 2:30 pm. Tickets: $15- all performances. Your Theatre, at St. Martin’s Church Hall, 136 Rivet St, New Bedford. More info: 508-993-0772

January 26
Animal TracksAlthough the forests of the 13,600 acre Bioreserve might at first appear unhabitated in winter, they are, in fact full of life. While a few animals do head south to hibernate away the winter months, most remain in New England and are active all year. At the Bioreserve, mammals are out and about, foraging for food and leaving their tracks in the snow. Rabbit, deer, fox, coyote, turkey, and fisher are just some of the animals whose tracks may be found. Join Bill Sampson, senior keeper at Buttonwood Park, to learn the art of tracking animals in winter. 9am. Free. Freetown/Fall River State Forest HQ, Slab Bridge Rd, Assonet. Trustees of Reservations. More info: 508-636-4693 X 13

January 28th
Southcoast Jazz

The Southcoast Jazz Orchestra is a new 17-piece big band made up of some of the best local performers and music educators in southeastern Massachusetts.
The professional musicians and music educators of the SJO have played together in various orchestras, concert bands, jazz ensembles, quartets, and quintets over the past 3 decades.
The SJO is a traditional seventeen-member jazz band with trumpets, trombones, saxophones, and a rhythm section. The origin of this type of jazz ensemble can be traced all the way back to the 1930s and the Swing Era. While the terms “jazz orchestra” & “jazz band” are used to describe jazz bands, it is common for jazz orchestras to occasionally add vocals or additional instruments (such as strings, french horn, vibraphone, etc.) to enhance their sound on stage or while recording in the studio.
Reservations fill up quickly! Make yours today! 8pm-10pm. Fay’s Restaurant, 613 Dartmouth Street, South Dartmouth, MA 508-997-8000

Jazz Orchestra 2

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Marla’s Reptile Exhibit brings the wild things to you!

Reptiles are cool! Marla-tortoise

Educational and fun wildlife programs are great for birthday parties, outdoor events and festivals, libraries and schools.

Reptiles are one of the most misunderstood and feared groups in the animal kingdom. They are the subject of numerous fantastic tales and myths. Marla’s program brings reptiles up close and personal and dispels these fables!

Live amphibians, snakes, lizards, turtles, tortoises and crocodilians and some venomous species and amphibians await to meet you.

In school and educational programs, Marla’s focus is to dispel myths and give scientific facts on wildlife. She explains why laws and regulations protect wildlife and wildlife habitats from human pressure and our activities, including criminal acts such as poaching, habitat destruction, species exploitation and how wildlife managemant protects and preserves wildlife and wild life habitats.

The program is produced in a variety of formats that follow the frameworks of school curriculum including the MCAS.

Presentations are one hour in length. Discounts are offered on multiple shows. Programs can also be tailored to the age or grade level of your intended audience.

Topics include natural history, biology, adaptations, habitats, poaching , species exploitation, their managemant and why and how the laws and regulations protect them.

Live reptiles and birds of prey are used for illustrative purposes to focus on their biology, physiology, and function in the ecosystem.

Marla Isaac, naturalist, artist, falconer and professional reptile handler has more than 30 years experience with large constrictors, crocodilians, turtles, tortoises, lizards, amphibians and venomous snakes of the genus crotalus the rattlesnakes.

She is a well known lecturer in Southeastern Massachusetts and has expanded her interest into the art of falconry the ancient sport of hunting wild game with a raptor, raptor rehabilitation specializing in osprey rehab and great horn owls and research for raptor conservation.

As a naturalist and falconer Marla strives to bring an understanding of biodiversity to people by allowing them to meet some interesting and fascinating animals trusted in her care by wildlife agencies, state and federal. As ambassadors of the wild, these animals  through Marla, tell their story and this understanding presents reasons why we must preserve, protect and appreciate the wonders of nature and life itself whether we use it as a renewable resource or not.

Perfect for schools, colleges, universities, environmental groups, scouts, religious groups, camps, corporate events, park & recreation, zoological parks, clubs, native american events, nursing homes, animal organizations, festivals, fairs, family events, halloween events, and sportsman events.

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EVENT OF THE WEEK: Habitat for Cats Adoption Day

Saturday, January 19ginger

Habitat for Cats is holding an adoption day  on  January 19, from 12-3 p.m. at  Habitat for Cats Adoption Center and Post Care Facility at 1322 Ashley Blvd. New Bedford MA.

All cats have been spayed/neutered, vaccinated, tested for Feline Leukemia, defleaed, and dewormed. The cost to adopt is $100 for adult cats and $120 for kittens five months and younger. Please bring adequate equipment (i.e., a cat carrier) to take your new friend home. An adoption application and contract are required.

The adoption fee will assist in paying for the cost of medical and foster care (generally valued over $200).

Adoption days are held every month because HFC looks forward to finding forever homes for all of their special kitties! Adoptions can also be scheduled by appointment. Call 508-961-CATS (2287) for more information.

Habitat for Cats operates in the Westport and New Bedford areas. For more information, visit

Adoption Information

Habitat for Cats cats and kittens have received the following medical treatment prior to adoption:

A general veterinary examination is performed. Habitat’s cats are healthy to the best of our knowledge. They are rescued cats, often with unknown histories, but any known pre-existing illness/condition will be discussed. We recommend that adopter establish a relationship with their own vet and the new pet.

All cats and kittens (as young as 8 weeks) are spayed/neutered prior to adoption. Habitat uses veterinarians experienced in performing pediatric spay/neuter. Refer to the Resources link for more information on this subject.

Cats and kittens have received de-worming and flea protection medications (as required).

Cats/kittens have received, at least, one distemper (FVRCP) vaccination. Kittens require a booster distemper vaccination 3-4 weeks after the date of their first vaccine. Consult your veterinarian for vaccine protocol & schedule.

Cats, age permitting, have received a rabies vaccination. Any cat with the potential of getting outdoors, should be vaccinated for rabies.

Cats and kittens are tested for feline leukemia (FeLV) and occasionally tested for feline AIDS (FIV) (as appropriate for their age).

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NEWBY’S MUSIC SHOW — an outstanding musical show, creates lots of fun, energy & musical entertainment at parties for all ages!!

NewbyNewby’s interactive singalong & fun musical performance includes songs the whole family can enjoy and “perform” — becoming the “stars of the show.” Newby plays keyboard and sings familiar songs for everyone to clap their hands, stomp their feet and sing along ! Easy to play, fun musical instruments like kazoos, triangles and bells are handed out and give kids a chance to be part of the show. Children’s party, schools, pre-schools or library shows — Newby brings super fun to every  kind of party and event.

For birthday parties Newby has created a fun Scavenger Hunt especially for the birthday child!! The idea started when Newby’s nieces and nephews celebrated birthdays! He would hide clues written on pieces of paper -hidden tucked under the sofa, near a lamp, next to the toaster, etc – these clever little poems  directed the birthday child to the next clue until they finally found a special hidden birthday present just for them! The children had such a ball with this that Newby has incorporated the “Scavenger Hunt” in his Birthday Party Package.

Newby is also a member of Soul Unit, a high energy 5 piece R & B soul band. Soul Unit is available for private parties, clubs, wedding receptions, and any type of event that is looking for an excellent upbeat band! Soul Unit’s funky and soulful tunes will keep  guests entertained and dancing the night away.  His vocals and keyboard bring to Soul Unit, the fullness and passion of a lifelong love for music. Stevie Wonder is his favorite artist of all time and biggest musical influence.  Newby performs renditions of R & B, jazz, blues & soul music in an inimitable soulful and heartfelt style.

Newby's band

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Introducing FREE ebooks

EncorENTERTAINMENT wants to help make planning your next party easy for you! So we’ve created informative FREE ebooks with lots of great party tips!birthday-clip-art


In these ebooks, you’ll learn:

* The newest and most popular party performers and entertainment
* Event theme trends
* Party tips to guarantee a fun event

Each ebook will focus on a special theme that will be of particular interest to readers during the season it’s published in or will relate to some of the issues and questions our customers have presented to us through the years.

Some of the topics we will be covering in upcoming ebooks are:

Tips for Winter Parties- 
Indoor Parties have their own unique needs and our ebook will address some of the particular issues that arise when you have indoor events. What are the best kinds of entertainment for house parties? And what considerations are needed when planning a party inside?

Special Party Ideas for that “Someone Special”-
The #1 Person in your life deserves a Top Notch Party.

The Ins and Outs of Outdoor Events
Once Spring arrives everyone is shaking off the cobwebs and itching to get outdoors. The great outdoors offers unlimited space for interactive party equipment & lots more activities.

Birthday Parties to Remember
Creative and unique themes for your next party will add that special touch that your guests will smile about when they remember all the fun!

We hope you’ll enjoy these ebooks as much as we enjoy creating them for our customers. And that they will help you have the best party ever!

Download your ebook Now!

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Blossom the Clown is  all set to begin the New Year with lots of funny antics at your next party or event! Magic, face painting & twist balloons —
she’s a delight for all ages.

Having a Children’s Birthday Party? Blossom is your clown! Your guests will be tickled pink! Amazing stupendous magic, fantastic twist balloon art and colorful artistic facepainting are just some of the fun activities Blossom brings to your party. Fun for every age, Blossom’s antics are sure to charm everyone!

Blossom’s lively performance is perfect for libraries and school programs as well as outdoor festivals and inside events. Live animals are included as part of the act — be astounded as a bird seems to appear out of thin air! A rabbit just might disappear and reappear as a hedgehog!

And of course, audience participation is a must!

For the holidays Blossom dons her Christmas attire and enchants  children by face painting festive designs like trees and wreaths and twists candy cane shaped balloons! An amusing holiday themed magic show is sure to please.

Ahoy mate! Having a Pirate Party? Aargh! Blossom can transform into a michevious Pirate who magically makes dubloons appear and disappear and astounds one & all with her treasure chest of magic tricks.

When Blossom performs at your party or event the amusement and joy is contagious! Your birthday child and his or her guests will be smiling from ear to ear!

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