Blossom the Clown is  all set to begin the New Year with lots of funny antics at your next party or event! Magic, face painting & twist balloons —
she’s a delight for all ages.

Having a Children’s Birthday Party? Blossom is your clown! Your guests will be tickled pink! Amazing stupendous magic, fantastic twist balloon art and colorful artistic facepainting are just some of the fun activities Blossom brings to your party. Fun for every age, Blossom’s antics are sure to charm everyone!

Blossom’s lively performance is perfect for libraries and school programs as well as outdoor festivals and inside events. Live animals are included as part of the act — be astounded as a bird seems to appear out of thin air! A rabbit just might disappear and reappear as a hedgehog!

And of course, audience participation is a must!

For the holidays Blossom dons her Christmas attire and enchants  children by face painting festive designs like trees and wreaths and twists candy cane shaped balloons! An amusing holiday themed magic show is sure to please.

Ahoy mate! Having a Pirate Party? Aargh! Blossom can transform into a michevious Pirate who magically makes dubloons appear and disappear and astounds one & all with her treasure chest of magic tricks.

When Blossom performs at your party or event the amusement and joy is contagious! Your birthday child and his or her guests will be smiling from ear to ear!


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