Marla’s Reptile Exhibit brings the wild things to you!

Reptiles are cool! Marla-tortoise

Educational and fun wildlife programs are great for birthday parties, outdoor events and festivals, libraries and schools.

Reptiles are one of the most misunderstood and feared groups in the animal kingdom. They are the subject of numerous fantastic tales and myths. Marla’s program brings reptiles up close and personal and dispels these fables!

Live amphibians, snakes, lizards, turtles, tortoises and crocodilians and some venomous species and amphibians await to meet you.

In school and educational programs, Marla’s focus is to dispel myths and give scientific facts on wildlife. She explains why laws and regulations protect wildlife and wildlife habitats from human pressure and our activities, including criminal acts such as poaching, habitat destruction, species exploitation and how wildlife managemant protects and preserves wildlife and wild life habitats.

The program is produced in a variety of formats that follow the frameworks of school curriculum including the MCAS.

Presentations are one hour in length. Discounts are offered on multiple shows. Programs can also be tailored to the age or grade level of your intended audience.

Topics include natural history, biology, adaptations, habitats, poaching , species exploitation, their managemant and why and how the laws and regulations protect them.

Live reptiles and birds of prey are used for illustrative purposes to focus on their biology, physiology, and function in the ecosystem.

Marla Isaac, naturalist, artist, falconer and professional reptile handler has more than 30 years experience with large constrictors, crocodilians, turtles, tortoises, lizards, amphibians and venomous snakes of the genus crotalus the rattlesnakes.

She is a well known lecturer in Southeastern Massachusetts and has expanded her interest into the art of falconry the ancient sport of hunting wild game with a raptor, raptor rehabilitation specializing in osprey rehab and great horn owls and research for raptor conservation.

As a naturalist and falconer Marla strives to bring an understanding of biodiversity to people by allowing them to meet some interesting and fascinating animals trusted in her care by wildlife agencies, state and federal. As ambassadors of the wild, these animals  through Marla, tell their story and this understanding presents reasons why we must preserve, protect and appreciate the wonders of nature and life itself whether we use it as a renewable resource or not.

Perfect for schools, colleges, universities, environmental groups, scouts, religious groups, camps, corporate events, park & recreation, zoological parks, clubs, native american events, nursing homes, animal organizations, festivals, fairs, family events, halloween events, and sportsman events.


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