Jan 24-26, & 27
by Alan AyckbournWomen in Mind
The comic poet of middle class life, always so very funny, goes deeper and darker in this triumphant play about a housewife named Susan who is married to a boring cleric named George. After getting knocked out by stepping on the tooth end of a garden rake, Susan experiences hilarious hallucinations in which her oppressive and boring everyday life is replaced by a fantasy in which she is an ideal wife and mother with an ideal family. While her real family treats her with condescension and apathy, her fantasy family dresses in lovely white, always drinks champagne, lives in a stately home and tells her that she is wonderful. Eventually, the fantasy family becomes nightmarish and Susan begins to realize that she is going mad. Jan 24-26, 8 pm, Jan 27, 2:30 pm. Tickets: $15- all performances. Your Theatre, at St. Martin’s Church Hall, 136 Rivet St, New Bedford. More info: 508-993-0772

January 26
Animal TracksAlthough the forests of the 13,600 acre Bioreserve might at first appear unhabitated in winter, they are, in fact full of life. While a few animals do head south to hibernate away the winter months, most remain in New England and are active all year. At the Bioreserve, mammals are out and about, foraging for food and leaving their tracks in the snow. Rabbit, deer, fox, coyote, turkey, and fisher are just some of the animals whose tracks may be found. Join Bill Sampson, senior keeper at Buttonwood Park, to learn the art of tracking animals in winter. 9am. Free. Freetown/Fall River State Forest HQ, Slab Bridge Rd, Assonet. Trustees of Reservations. More info: 508-636-4693 X 13

January 28th
Southcoast Jazz

The Southcoast Jazz Orchestra is a new 17-piece big band made up of some of the best local performers and music educators in southeastern Massachusetts.
The professional musicians and music educators of the SJO have played together in various orchestras, concert bands, jazz ensembles, quartets, and quintets over the past 3 decades.
The SJO is a traditional seventeen-member jazz band with trumpets, trombones, saxophones, and a rhythm section. The origin of this type of jazz ensemble can be traced all the way back to the 1930s and the Swing Era. While the terms “jazz orchestra” & “jazz band” are used to describe jazz bands, it is common for jazz orchestras to occasionally add vocals or additional instruments (such as strings, french horn, vibraphone, etc.) to enhance their sound on stage or while recording in the studio.
Reservations fill up quickly! Make yours today! 8pm-10pm. Fay’s Restaurant, 613 Dartmouth Street, South Dartmouth, MA 508-997-8000

Jazz Orchestra 2


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