Christmas Party Quiz

Christmas Quiz

Here’s a perfect way to get guests involved at your Christmas party! Print this quiz, make enough copies for all your guests and give them each a pen or pencil. Set an appropriate time limit for guests to complete the quiz and then announce who is the winner!

Be sure to have some fun prizes on hand – like ornaments, frames and other Christmas goodies. Visit our “Christmas” store for fun ideas!

1. The first string of Christmas lights were hung up by wealthy Easterners in what year?

1852____ 1882______ 1902_____ 1932____


2, “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” premiered on December 21 of what year?

1933_____ 1935_____ 1937_____ 1939_____


3. Charles Dickens’ book A Christmas Carol was published on December 19 of what year?

1843_____ 1847_____ 1851_____ 1855______


4. What ballet was first performed on December, 1892?

Swan Lake_____ Romeo and Juliet______ The Nutcracker Suite___


5. Who sang the song Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer which was released on Dec 2, 1949?

Irving Berlin____ Gene Autry____ Tex Ritter _____ Hoagy Carmichael _____


6. What game was invented by Edwin S. Lowe on December 1, 1929?

Monopoly _____ Bingo _____ Candyland _____ Scrabble _____


7. What European country celebrates Lucia Day?

England_____ Germany_____ Netherlands_____ Sweden____


8. What country celebrates Boxing Day?

England_____ Germany______ Netherlands_____ Sweden_____


9. What plant is recognized on December 12 ?

___________ Mistletoe ______ Christmas cactus_____ poinsettia ______


10. What year was the poem “T’was the Night Before Christmas” published?

1803 _____ 1823 ______ 1843 _____ 1863 ______


11. Who wrote the song “White Christmas”?

Gene Autry ____ Irving Berlin _____ Mel Torme _______ Bing Crosby ______


12. What was the name of the movie in which “White Christmas” was first sung?

“Miracle on 34th Street”____”Holiday Inn”____ “It’s a Wonderful Life”____ ‘White Christmas”___________


13. In the movie the “Christmas Story” where did the family eat their Christmas Dinner?

At Home _____ McDonalds ____ Chinese restaurant ____ Grandmother’s house_____


14. What was the real name of the author who wrote The Gift of the Magi?

O Henry_____ Edgar Allen Poe____ Wm. Sydney Porter_____ Walt Whitman_______


15. What state became the 28th state on December 29, 1845?

Louisiana ____ Texas____ Oklahoma ____ Mississippi____


16. In “The Miracle of 34th Street” who played the Santa Claus?

Edmond O’Brien _____Edmund Gwynn ____ William Frawley ______


17. What year was the movie “It’s a Wonderful Life” released?

1946____ 1947_____ 1948______ 1949______


18. Which of the following actors did not appear in the 1954 version of “White Christmas’?

Bing Crosby______ Danny Kaye _____ Fred Astaire ____ Vera Ellen____


19. What Country exchanges gifts on December 6 St Nicholas’ Day?

Sweden _____ Norway _____ England _____ Netherlands____


20. What Country’s yuletide season starts on St. Thomas’ Day December 21?

Sweden______ Norway______ England_____ Netherlands______


21. The first specially designed Christmas card is believed to have been printed by a London Company and placed on sale in the year?

1823____ 1833_____ 1843_____ 1853____ 1863____


22. What newspaper did the original “Dear Virginia” letter appear in?

The New York Times____ The New York Herald Tribune____ The New York Sun _______ The New York Mirror________

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