5 Holiday Tips

Holiday Tips to Reduce Stress

Follow these steps to planning a stress-free party for holiday parties, just like you would for any other party.

 Party Planning

1.            Select a theme. This will help to determine the invitations, food, favors and decorations.

2.            Determine a budget and stick to it.

3.            Determine the menu based on the theme, your budge and your culinary skills. Keep it simple. Don’t try something for the first time with a group you are not completely comfortable with.

4.            Create an outline/basic flow of the party from start to finish. Include games, activities, meals, mingling and anything else you can think of. For parties with younger children, plan 3 – 4 extra activities just in case.

5.            Do as much as you can the night before the party to reduce any stress the day of the event. This includes preparing food, decorating, setting the table, straightening up, setting out the camera and film, selecting music and selecting your outfit and accessories.

6.            Plan some down time before the party to relax.

7.            Have your decorations also follow your theme – this will cut down on “think time” and stress.

8.            Send your invitations out early – people are busy during the holidays, plus you will want a guest count as early as possible.

9.            Consider having the party at a favorite restaurant, club or facility. This will reduce the stress of having it at your home – plus they can supply the food, decorations or any part that you do not want to do!

*            Set strict budgets for everything to reduce the money stress. Budget for parties, gifts, decorations etc. Stick to the budgets.

*            Bake early and freeze.

*            Plan your Holiday parties with a friend or two – co-host. This will divide the work in half.

*            Use festive paper plates at gatherings to reduce clean up time.

*            Always prepare an outline of your party including everything that is needed. That way when friends ask can they bring something you are prepared to say yes. Carve off the items that mean extra trips for you such as a special trip to the florist, liquor store, or bakery.

*            Don’t forget the favor or memento. Whether big or small, give your guests something to take home to remember each holiday

One response to “5 Holiday Tips

  1. Ann Beaumont

    Wonderful tips to help the holidays to be more enjoyable .

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