*            Don’t forget the meaning of the holidays. Pay regular visits to your place of worship and take some time to “wind down” from the frenzy outside. If you do not have a religious affiliation, attend a seasonal play, concert or other performance to give you some peace.

*            Turn the TV off and the holiday music on – you’ll be surprised how much more you will get done. Plus, you won’t have the added stress of comparing what you are doing to what the “perfect families” are doing on TV.

*            Keep your holiday address list on your computer so you can print out address labels. Many fonts are decorative and you will save significant time vs. addressing each one.

*            Make lists during your wait times. When waiting in line at the grocery or while working on the treadmill, make lists of everything. People on your gift list, dinner menus, decorations to buy.

*            Plan your holiday travel plans now. If you will be flying over the holidays, book the earliest flights in the morning, you’ll be less likely to experience a delay. If possible, avoid connections.

*            Plan and purchase a few holiday outfits to take you through the season for all types of parties – office holiday party, neighbor’s open house, New Year’s eve party, cookie exchange. Don’t wait until the last minute to shop for a new outfit.

*            Don’t overeat during the holidays with the promise you will lose weight starting in January. Set a weight goal for January 1 and stick with it. Enjoy all the holiday food in smaller helpings

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