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Engaging Library & School Programs

Looking for Something Different for Library  & School Programs?

Bring New Performers to your Library & School

Bob & Kids

From (as in animal twist balloons) to (as in zany music) EncorENTERTAINMENT provides fun & memorable performers to delight youngsters

It’s time to put some Pizzazz into your Events!

COMSteve School pig  2EDY & LAUGHS

ROFL! LOL! Our hilarious magicians and jugglers will have youngsters laughing their heads off!! Lots of audience participation with a splash of learning thrown in!

Jon Nelson kids.png

Sing-alongs and dancing, hands-on children’s entertainment. Performances are very active, encouraging kids to sing and dance along with the the performers as they entertain with a unique combination of songs,  storytelling and lots of fun.

Cat in Hat storytime

Fairy tales ~ Storytelling
Kids love being entertained while they’re learning! EncorENTERTAINMENT brings the heroes & heroines of kids’ favorite stories to life! Children meet Costumed Characters and Princesses who delight them with stories that encourage curiosity and foster a love of reading!

Princesses w: children.png

KIDS RULE!Mary Puppets 3

Puppets, and clowns and reptiles oh my! All kinds of kids entertainment is guaranteed to bring lots of smiles! Magic, face painting, twist balloons, storytelling. Cuddly animals & cool reptiles. Play equipment.Adrenaline Rush Obstacle Course

                                                            SEASONAL FUN

Easter Bunny & Girl
Easter. Memorial Day weekend. Fourth of July! Christmas in July. Labor Day. Halloween.School Vacations. We’ve got you covered. Patriotic bands, Uncle Sam, Dracula & witches. Create your own theme if you like  & we’ll fill in the rest.

EncorENTERTAINMENT 508-993-1999 office, 508-287-2482 mobile


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Stephen the MagicianSteve w- rabbit 403

Stephen is a master at magic, illusion, hypnosis and balloon sculpture. Stephen creates his unique shows with the audience participation in mind. Show includes live animals.


Animal Antics

Girl w- chick
Fantastic Animal shows. Themes are Cute & Cuddly, Sea, Creepy Crawlies or For the Birds. Animal show may include: hamster, large rabbit, birds, chinchilla, ferret, & assorted cute & cuddly animals. bird & one cool mammal. animal programs for birthday parties, libraries, seniors, schools, festivals and other fun events!
Adorable baby animals, birds, cuddly hamsters, ponies, ducklings, chicks, baby goats all bring smiles to young and old.
Who doesn’t light up when they hold a cute kitten, puppy or baby chick?

Tony BaloneyTony Baloney

Tony Baloney’s crazy antics liven every party or event.
Adults and kids  are mesmerized by Tony’s magic. His awesome magic, mind blowing twist balloons and brilliant face painting will be the hit of the party. Invite Tony to perform his astounding magic and clowning around for a party your guests will love!


Mary’s Puppets with Personality

Mary’s fun interactive puppet show entertains, educates, inspires and enrich esthe lives of others through the power and fun of puppets.
Each show is filled with laughter, “entertaining” teaching tools and impromptu puppet banter.

Miss Lynne Clown
Miss Lynne
Miss Lynne will engage youngsters with lots of fun games & crafts!! Face painting & twist balloons too!

Justin's Reptiles
Cool Reptiles

Reptiles are one of the most misunderstood  groups in the animal kingdom. They are the subject of numerous fantastic tales and myths. Cool reptiles brings reptiles up close and personal and dispels these fables!

Call 508-993-1999 for more info!

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THE MAGIC OF STEPHENBrenner Family MagicStephen is a master at magic, illusion, hypnosis and balloon sculpture. Whether he is performing solely as a Magician in a Tuxedo or as his character D.C. the Clown, Stephen creates his unique shows with the audience in mind. Audience participation is a key part of all of his performances, as well as the use of live animals, including a piano playing pig.
Combination programs are available: for example -Magic, DJ, Gamemaster, Balloon Artist.

Stephen has been performing magic and balloon sculpting for over 20 years Through the years he has incorporated other entertainment into his shows: face painting, air brush tattooing, DJing and hypnosis.

Steve Balloons 1
“I was the quiet one in school,” Stephen reveals. “It wasn’t until high school that I got involved with plays. I took a speech class to force me out of my shyness. As a member of The Knights of Pythias, a mens charity organization, I volunteered to be an assistant to the magician. I was comic relief and when I would pull a string, my pants fell down! I got splashed with water and all that fun stuff. I went on my own after that and started performing when I was 28.”

Stephen is a former special needs teacher who has combined many of his talents to create a whole world of magic for the young of heart. His custom-created magic shows delight and astound audiences in and around New England. Some of his treasured moments have been his performances at Foxwoods Casino in Connecticut and a 25 hour magic show he produced to benefit the Muscular Dystrophy Association. Stephen received The Independent Spirit Award from WLVI-TV 56 for work he has done in hospitals. He also worked with David Copperfield’s Project Magic.

You won’t believe your eyes when you see the Magic Stephen performs at your party. All of Stephen’s shows are filled with exciting magic, comedy and fun filled audience participation. Members of the audience are center stage and help perform the magic. Animals appear and disappear. There is also a zoo of animals.
Stephen Makes your Birthday Party an event.
At most birthday parties as many children as possible are able to be volunteers (sometimes adults too). Along with his zoo of animals, everyone is laughing and gasping with amazement. The Birthday Child is always the first one up and the last one down. For bigger programs, Stephen has a state of the art sound system and a computer of thousands of songs to DJ at your party. He is also The Game Master. Stephen can keep everyone ecstatically happy for hours. Combine Magic, Balloon Sculptures and a DJ and you have a time to remember. Also available: Air Brush Tattoos, Face Painting, Costume Characters and Karaoke.
Magic is entertaining, educational, fun and interactive. Stephen combines high energy magic with lots of comedy. With the help of students and teachers he makes live animals appear and disappear. You won’t believe your eyes when Tweety the Bird, Snuggles the Hedgehog, visit your school.

While the animals are being pet, Stephen tells where the animals are from, what they eat, some of their habits and more. Many different animals are available depending on the specific program. Some shows are general and have animals from several different categories.  Some shows are school visits where a class may be studying a specific animal classification.  Stephen has a lot of volunteers come up to help out to be part of the show. Not all the tricks have animals. Sometimes, you don’t know what to expect and he has tricks up his sleeve!
Steve School pig  2DC the CLOWN
As DC the Clown, Stephen evokes laughs. A bright colorful costume lets everyone know there will be nothing but fun. Animals, Magic, Balloon Sculptures, Face Painting or Glitter Tattoos are Specialties of DC the Clown. Available for parties, parades, store openings or balloon deliveries.
DC the Clown performs magic with and without live animals. This multi-talented clown also twists balloons and paints faces. DC makes everyone laugh. This brightly colored character uses whatever is in his bag of tricks to make everyone laugh and laugh. From his funny voices to puppets to plate spinning. No one knows what will be next!
Live Animals from around the world are center stage: Bernice the Iguana, Rosie the Rose Hair Tarantula, Leon the Bearded Dragon, Charlotte the Chinchilla and many more. Audience members learn the creatures country of origin, eating habits, idiosyncrasies and the care of animals. All animals are available to be pet.
Meet and pet exotic reptiles – Bernice the Iguana and Leon the Beared Dragon to name a few. As well as animals and creatures from around the world – Rosie the Rose Hair Tarantulla and Charlote the Chinchilla. These very special exotic animals have been handled for many years and are quiet and docile. They love attention. See reptiles and other animals from around the world close up like you’ve never seen before. Recently added to the program: Fred the Leopard Gecko and The Traveling Hissing Cockroaches

Seniors are very special to Stephen. This show is specially designed as extremely hands on and interactive. Live animals appear. Members of the audience pet the animals. Stephen tells stories, usually true, as he twists balloons to go along with the stories. He make all types of colorful hats.

Sometimes he sings songs that are easily recognizable to the seniors. As Stephen sings with your group, he twists balloons like “Your A Grand Old Flag” and makes a red, white and blue braided hat. Everyone gets involved and everyone walks away or rolls away very happy.
senior-shows 1

Stephen has been teaching magic and balloon sculpting for 10 years through a therapeutic program he founded called The Magical Helping Hands Inc. This program allows individuals and groups who have special needs to be expressive and creative, while working toward some of their goals which include strengthening hand, improving eye-hand co-ordination and memory recall. This program makes it fun!

All of Stephen’s programs are fun-filled and full of surprises. He loves doing COMBINATION SHOWS that include Magic, DJ, Gamemaster, or Twist Balloon Art. You can be as creative as you like! Mix and match entertainment experiences!

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